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EA SPORTS announces ‘NCAA Football 14’ cover vote winner

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EA SPORTS announces ‘NCAA Football 14’ cover vote winner

The cover vote for NCAA Football 14 has been a bit of a rocky road. The final showdown between Ryan Swope and Denard Robinson ended up dealing with fake votes being submitted by both universities.

After EA SPORTS delayed the official announcement to discount the real votes, Denard Robinson was declared the winner and given the cover athlete position. Robinson put together a rather impressive campaign via Twitter and Facebook and was ultimately able to edge out Ryan Swope.

Michigan proved to be a powerhouse throughout the Cover Vote, consistently placing amongst the top finishers in every round. The university utilized its classic traditions, devoted alumni and strong national recognition to secure its advancement through the early rounds, and then threw all its support behind Robinson once he was announced as a potential cover athlete.

Over the duration of the campaign the NCAA Football Cover Vote secured over 5 million votes from college football fans across the country. Fans showed their passion throughout the competition, coming out in support of their favorite schools and athletes and making this the most successful Cover Vote in franchise history.

The official cover of NCAA Football 14 is expected to be captured fairly soon and unveiled within the next few weeks. Do you think that Denard Robinson was the right choice for this year’s game? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NCAA Football 14 in our forums.

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