How to create a club tournament in ‘Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14’

Tiger Woods 14

One of the more attractive features this year was the increase of size of country clubs in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. However, fans have been frustrated as they haven’t been sure of how to create a country club tournament within the game. We’re here to resolve that issue.

Creating a country club tournament in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 must be done via the website, and can not be done through the actual game. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll click on the “Country Clubs” tab to enter the club that you’re the commissioner.

If you have not created any tournaments, you’ll see a slot for a 1-round and a 4-round tournament. To the right of that section you’ll find a calendar where you can select various dates to schedule tournaments in advance. Keep in mind that you can only have one tournament of each type running at a time. For example, a one-round and a four-round tournament can be running at the exact same time. However, you can not have two one-round or two four-round tournaments running during the same time period. You are able to schedule them to run so that they do not overlap, however.

After configuring various options for the tournament, such as the ones we have in the image above, you’ll be able to click “Make Tournament Live” to have it ready to go at the time you select. Once you’ve scheduled the tournament, each member of your country club will receive a message letting them know that it’s now available to participate in.

Need a country club to play in? We have plenty of room at the GoodGameBro country club for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14! Still need assistance after you’ve read our tutorial? Leave us a comment below or ask your questions in our community and we’ll assist you further.

  • How do you do the 5 H2H challenges in country club? We’ve played each other numerous times over 5 and still have zero.

    • WhoIsDo

      Last I checked, this was an issue that they’re addressing via an upcoming patch. Should be fixed pretty soon!

  • when I go to the website it only allows me to see country clubs for 13. Why is that?

    • WhoIsDo

      If you look at the top right of my screenshot, you’ll see an option to toggle the clubs. If you click that (beside Profile), you should be able to see the Tiger Woods 14 clubs.

  • Whenever I attempt to start a tournament, after clicking “Make Tournament Live” it always gives me an error message saying that the EA servers were over capacity. Any idea why this is showing up constantly?

    • WhoIsDo

      That’s fairly odd. I had that happen to me recently as well. I logged out of the website, closed my browser, logged back in, and then attempted to recreate the tournament. Seemed to work just fine for me after doing that. If that doesn’t work, try changing a few of the settings.

  • can you rename tournaments or are they just called 1 day / 4 day and the date?

  • Do I need an Xbox live gold membership to play a created tournament? Says there are tourneys available but can’t see anything but club leader boards?

  • lalablade

    how do you play the pga tour calendar on tiger woods 13

  • andrew

    When I log in on the easports/Origin website it shows that my xbox live gametag is connected to my account on here…but it does not show the country club on here which I am the admin of in the game. Any help?

    • andrew

      Also when I attempt to search for my country club no matter what I try to search for it only shows me Boise State as the only option for country clubs to join.