‘NBA Live 14’ to feature popular Ultimate Team mode

NBA Live 14

In recent years, one of the more popular and lucrative features for EA SPORTS’ titles has been Ultimate Team. While there hasn’t been a formal announcement for NBA Live 14, it appears that Ultimate Team will find its way in the series this year.

Browsing LinkedIn, we stumbled upon the profile of an EA SPORTS software engineer who listed that he had worked on NBA Live 14 as of September 2012. Two items were listed under his work for NBA Live 14, but the only one that was actually named was “Ultimate Team Mode”. The remaining mode was listed as “TBA”, and no additional context was found within the profile regarding either potential feature.

While using NBA players would make for a decent entry in the Ultimate Team landscape for NBA Live 14, the game would ultimately look to add international players or to delve into the FIBA roster to truly make a splash. A recent article by Corey Andress of Under The Code detailed on how the implementation of FIBA could prove to be successful for EA’s upcoming NBA title.

Time will ultimately tell what EA’s plans are for NBA Live 14, but adding Ultimate Team would be a step in the right direction. What would you want to see in Ultimate Team within the game? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA Live 14 in our community.

  • The best thing I have ever read since waking up man!!!! I am curious to see how deep that this can go.

    • WhoIsDo

      Seeing NBA Live 14 potentially receive Ultimate Team is huge news. I’ve been playing a ton of NHL’s HUT, so I’d love to see what EA could do with NBA’s version.

  • It would be awesome if they could figure out a online team play w/ ultimate team mode included. A group of five make a “team” and earn “coins/points” together and head online with their dream team of cards.

  • Love it!

  • Pretty fed up with the 2K basketball. Lot of issues!!! I never had more fun than I did with the EA NBA Live series!! I dragged out 98 I believe it was for the PC for years until I was forced to buy a console to get back up to date.

    2K basically has the same concept. They have a market of players, they rise and fall according to real life situations, like one guy gets hurt, another guy gets the start..the price goes up, and the price can go down also when a guy is in the dog house. You can buy boosters via card packs. It’s a good feature that EA could make even better.

    • WhoIsDo

      I’ve just never felt that 2K did a great job with that concept. Just doesn’t feel appealing to me, and I prefer how EA SPORTS sets up the feature across its titles.

  • Jesus

    Lmao I’m sure will be in it. oh wait NBA live 14 will be cancelled. Guarantee.

    • Guarantee? I think people want a basketball game that actually works.

  • Dj Alexander

    I just hope the game offers one on one play and 21. I think that would get the interest up for people. I still play live 10 cause I refuse to play 2k anything.

  • Berk Odabaşı

    fiba rosters gonna be great