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‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’: Will Ghost return from the dead?

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’: Will Ghost return from the dead?

Throughout the Call of Duty series, one of the more celebrated members of the cast has been Simon “Ghost” Riley. With the announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts, fans of the series can’t help but wonder if the once “dead” character will make a return to the series.

If you haven’t completed Modern Warfare 2, we’d recommend not reading any further unless you don’t mind having the story spoiled for you. The final appearance for Ghost in the Call of Duty series was in the “Loose Ends” chapter. As Ghost enters the scene with Roach, General Shepherd approaches them at the landing zone. While they initially feel that they’re being rescued, they’re setup and both characters are shot in a rather surprise turn of events.

Things get tricky here, however. The general context that you leave the scene with would typically have you believe that Ghost is killed and set on fire along with Roach. The scene plays out through the eyes of Roach, and after Ghost is shot in the shoulder region we never actually see him die. While the implication is that Ghost was believed to die with Roach, he’s been far too much of a fan favorite and hints have dropped suggesting otherwise. Naming the newest entry in the series Call of Duty: Ghosts leaves us with a few possibilities.

Ghost is the inspiration

It is entirely plausible that Ghost died, and we won’t be seeing any more of him in the future of the series. The very first trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts details the importance of masks throughout history, and ends with the famous mask of Simon Riley.

The game is set to take place in the future, but use current generation weapons. The reasoning for this isn’t detailed, but it seems as if an event has happened within the campaign that forces the characters to resort to more accessible technology. While the purpose behind the group has yet to be revealed, one option is that the legend of Simon Riley ultimately became the inspiration for their team. Are they a guerrilla team that’s formed as a last resort, or are they part of the same training as the former British soldier?

Ghost is alive & returns

The far less likely option for the latest entry in the series would be for Ghost to have survived the betrayal by General Shepherd. As you often learn in the Call of Duty series, expect the unexpected. Just as we’ve seen Captain Price appear to be dead and make a return, we expect Infinity Ward to pull a similar act with Ghost.

The masks that each character appears to be wearing in the debut trailer appear to be hand-painted, where Riley’s mask appeared to be of a custom design. Will the main character have a direct connection to Ghost which ultimately brings forth his cameo? Or has Ghost gone in hiding and become the leader of a guerrilla group looking to save the world after a terrible attack on various nations? Time will tell, but Activision has our attention.

Do you believe that Ghost died, or are you expecting a cameo of the beloved character in the upcoming game? Be sure to let us know which option you’d like by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Call of Duty: Ghosts in our community.

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  • Danilo Solano

    Hell No, he is not dead, he can’t.

    • Riley

      Exactly. He is my favorite COD character

  • christian

    he cant be dead he was the best character

  • Ajay Ramesh

    i just got emotional when ghost died,it was like ‘WTF f**k you shepheard.ghost should return and in mw 2 roach didnt see ghost burn.

  • Ahmed Bessifi

    He is a Ghost he can’t dead.

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