How to create Johnny Manziel in Madden NFL 25


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Johnny Manziel has proven to be one of the most electric players in college football since he’s stepped on the field, and he’ll likely make the jump to the NFL after his sophomore season. To help keep you from waiting until next year to get your hands on Johnny Manziel in Madden, we’ve created a walkthrough to get him into Madden NFL 25.

The video above shows the proper attributes, characteristics, and equipment to use for Manziel. Unfortunately, creating the one-sleeve look is a bit difficult this year so we had to improvise to achieve a similar effect. You’ll be able to use Johnny Manziel in either Connected Franchise Mode or in Play Now.

For Manziel’s skin tone, use “Skin 2″” and for his face use “Head 3”. We would typically recommend using the “Game Face” feature, but currently ever player created using that method has white eyeballs. Once that error is fixed, or if it is fixed, we would recommend going that route to achieve the perfect version of Johnny Manziel. Here is a video of Manziel in action:

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