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First ‘NBA 2K14’ next-gen gameplay footage released

NBA 2K14

First ‘NBA 2K14’ next-gen gameplay footage released

If you were expecting to see a ton of gameplay footage for the next-generation version of NBA 2K14 today, think again. 2K Sports has released the very first PS4 & Xbox One gameplay for NBA 2K14, but you’re looking at a mere five seconds or so.

From what is shown, however, it’s rather impressive. The lighting and characters models are impressive, and Harden’s face looks nearly realistic. We’re shown a few high-flying dunks and great animations, but fans are still anxious to see actual gameplay.

What’s your opinion on the NBA 2K14 next-gen gameplay footage? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2K14 in our community.

Regardless of the sport, you'll find Douglas on Xbox Live at least giving it a shot. He's a Madden & NHL junkie, but he's always down for a challenge on a sports game. You can follow him on Twitter!

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  • Quarrie Franklin

    Graphically, this game looks amazing even with the 5 seconds of action you can see. I’m not worried so much about gameplay for next-gen 2k14 (as opposed to next-gen Madden 25), 2k’s track record speaks for themselves.

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