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What You Need to Know About Madden NFL 25 on PS4 & Xbox One

Madden NFL

What You Need to Know About Madden NFL 25 on PS4 & Xbox One

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Next Definition Visuals

As is expected with any console generation transition, Madden NFL 25 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will boast improved graphics and animations.  The art team is touting a 10-times-the-detail improvement, with particular focus in cloth physics, player details, and the crowds:

[quote_box_center]ON CLOTH PHYSICS IN MADDEN NFL 25

We’re using cloth much differently in Madden NFL 25 than on other teams. Players in NBA LIVE and FIFA have loose uniforms but in the NFL, players intentionally have their jerseys fitted to make it difficult to grab and hold them. We’ll still use EA SPORTS IGNITE for that level of detail, but in a different way.


Because the uniforms are different in Madden NFL 25 than other games, our EA SPORTS IGNITE technology is more focused on things like hair and player towels. In the first look at the engine, you saw Robert Griffin III’s hair and towel flowing as he took two steps back in the pocket, as well as Marshawn Lynch’s dreadlocks.


In the past, we could only render 16 crowd characters on cards. Now they’ll be 3D, and we’re going to create crowds that have indiscernible patterns to where it feels like there are tens of thousands of people in the stands.[/quote_box_center]

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Brian Parker is the Senior Associate Editor at He focuses on the NCAA Football, NHL, and FIFA Soccer franchises, though he plays nearly every sports game on the market. You can follow Brian on Twitter at @Paakaa10.

  • Quarrie Franklin

    As for Madden 25 and how I feel about it… Hmm, since we haven’t seen much about it and it comes out in 15 days or so, that worries me. EA Sports has always had the great “marketing words” to explain their new features, but the features rarely work how they claim they do.

    Honestly, I more than likely won’t be picking up Madden this year. I will wait until the game isn’t just a port of the poorly animated current gen version. For next gen, a standard should be set, not only in graphics, but also in intelligence and player movement. And dammit EA, allow for some competition, it will help you to get better at what you do.

  • Lee Rochester

    We are now eight days from launch of the PS4 and still no actual gameplay from either NBA Live or Madden. Color me concerned.

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