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‘Madden NFL 25’ Ignite Gameplay

Madden NFL 25

‘Madden NFL 25’ Ignite Gameplay

Community member QJB announced on Twitter that he would be posting exclusive Madden NFL 25 gameplay on the PS4 four days in a row on his YouTube channel.  The video above showcases the Ignite technology. Two of his previous videos covered true step, enhanced graphics and the war in the trenches.

True Step and Enhanced Graphics

The video shows off True Step and features Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. The footwork of both athletes is shown off as they move past the line and cut more realistically than previous Madden games. The video concludes with a zoomed in look at AP, CJ2K and the 3D fans in the stadium to display the enhanced graphics on next-gen platforms.

War in the Trenches

The video provides gameplay between the New England Patriots and New York Jets. The offensive line can be seen sorting through their blocking assignments and forming a pocket around Tom Brady and Geno Smith. The quarterbacks are also shown reacting to pressure from the defensive ends by moving up in the pocket.

Click here to watch the last video in the gameplay series by QJB. Let us know what you think of the videos so far in the comments section below, or in our Madden community.

Kevin Harley is the Social Media Coordinator at GoodGameBro. Send him a friend request on Xbox One (Kevin26385) and challenge him to a game!

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