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10 Changes We Want To See In Madden NFL 15


10 Changes We Want To See In Madden NFL 15

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Living Worlds

CoreySA’s Top 5 Madden NFL 15 Requests

 1. Improved ‘Living Worlds’

Before this generation started a month or so ago, EA SPORTS promised us better environments and atmosphere with an engine that touted ‘Living Worlds’ as one of its main components. While some noticeable improvements were definitely a part of Madden NFL 25 making the jump to both the PS4 and Xbox One, they definitely don’t show as well as I was expecting them to when first announced.

Crowds tend to have the same clothes on, react in the same ways and aren’t as loud as I’d hoped. In comparison to FIFA 14 for next-gen systems, the crowds don’t seem to react to things happening on the field with the same intensity. Sidelines aren’t much better. Sure, they move out of the way of on-coming traffic, but there are strange occurrences with coaches and trainers all wearing the same clothing (trainers will be in shorts and short sleeves even in cold, snowy weather), and players being on the sidelines at the same time as being on the field. In one instance I saw Colin Kaepernick throw an INT and as the defender returned the pick, a #7 player was on the sidelines watching the action. While these issues are understandable for a launch title, I’d like to see them get addressed as soon as possible.

It would also be nice to see the crowd have more animations tied to them. If I’m on the road in Cleveland, I want to see the “Pound” banging on the endzone wall as I get close to the goalline. I’d also like noise to become more of an issue closer to the endzones and also in places where sound is a major problem – like Seattle. There should be way more False Start calls against opposing teams in places like that.

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Corey is a long time sports fan and gamer. He can be found playing almost any type of game, but is usually deep in a franchise or career mode on multiple sports titles. If he's not on Xbox Live, he's usually following one of his sports teams and tweeting about it. You can follow him on Twitter for any type of conversation.

  • uptownsoul

    1)Improving Living worlds
    Not only jerseys on the field but get the retired jerseys from each team out completely.

    Not only more false starts in Seattle or KC but if you audible (especially near the end zone) there should be a matrix algorithm running in the back ground that increases the probability of players running wrong routes and O Linemen running the wrong blocking assignments.

    • Army7

      technically, they could do that but… the NFL won’t allow it. it’s not all EA’s fault. they could have a simple online update determine penalties, crowd noise etc based on the real life stats pushed into those madden “living worlds” but, for example, the NFL doesn’t want a “dirty” team who draw a lot of flags to be reflected in Madden. They won’t allow Madden to show only a few fans scattered about the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. The NFL prefers Madden to be a generic style cash cow. they don’t want complete simulation or too much realism. another example, they’ll never show injuries or cheap hits etc in Madden. Most gamers don’t realize that, even in Madden ’13, you can late hit someone out of bounds (and draw a flag/penalty) which is a clear example that EA is “able” to implement these types of things in the gameplay but each time it happens- it’s still generic and basically appears the same each time (same penalty, results etc)

      • uptownsoul

        Ok, but take the false starts away and leave the rest of what i said. “There should be a matrix algorithm running in the back ground that increases the probability of visiting players running wrong routes and visiting O Linemen running the wrong blocking assignments.” This would not result in any penalties being given out but would make the game more realistic.

        • Army7

          Yes I agree- that would work if they revamp their entire gameplay engine. Maybe madden 15 will have that?

  • gamer Ned

    Bring Back NFL 2K!

    • chris9465

      that was a great game can only dream what it could have been today…..

    • chris9465

      if 2K had a 2K6 to go up against the abomination of madden 06 who really believes madden would still exist?

  • El Brochacho

    MINI GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! the perfect thing to play after a game…thta helped my run game soooo damn much and passing attack 2….plus its good for a quickie game

    • justin

      Totally agree with this!

  • Jon Russell

    good article man, I would be good with all of those recommendations. I dont really get why EA doesn’t hire more people like you. Donny Moore is HORRIBLE at determining player ratings, as a Bears fan, I can easily see how so many of the attributes hes given our team make me scratch my head from what I see on the field on sundays.

  • chris9465

    since there will be no more NCAA bring those guys over to build madden……i like the NCAA custom option of setting offense style ie hurry up or conservative by hitting the left bumper could custom defense style aggressive….. WRs on broken plays ie go deep or come back to the QB…………fire looman and his cast of idiots and let the guys that did NCAA build madden

    • Army7

      you are right- most broken plays on madden cause the robotic (poorly animated) WRs to perform some strange looking maneuvers. I get frustrated bc I play with cam newton’s panthers and like to roll out to the edges to make a deep throw down field…and I end up seeing some strange moves with players bumping into each other, running out of bounds, sliding around, looking in the wrong direction etc.

    • chris9465

      NCAA developers crush looman and his group of morons


    Excellent recommendations. It’s just sad that Madden franchise is the most lazy gaming franchise I have ever seen. They rely on the NFL monopoly they have and remove more useful features than they add. They take away player customization and basically make the game how they see fit. Prime example is you can’t watch or play non-user team games in a season or franchise anymore. Just stupid stuff they have removed for the sake of control and pissing off core gamers. I really want them to just play NBA 2K14 all day long and make an NFL version of that game. The player interaction, emotion, realism, COMMENTARY, game modes, etc are all to be admired. But it seems like EA sports and Madden just plays their own game over and over and bases changes on that. Sickening. I will give them one more shot being their first full year with next gen to make a great game with detailed commentary, useful in game stat overlays, and real life physics. If not I give up on this monopoly.

    • justin

      NBA 2k series has the best game mode & franchise features out there!! Overall they’re killing Madden right now in my opinion


    They need competition!!!

  • Army7

    you make some excellent points but I don’t agree with allowing the user to manipulate or “jostle” with WR’s. Imagine how annoying it would be playing some knucklehead online who figures out cheesy hold/push moves to defend your WR’s or just simply causing a penalty on every down because they are losing the game. player interactions on the field should be simulated using Ai and based on the players dynamic player ratings– which should be updated prior to each game based on the real life player stats/status.

  • justin

    Good article. I believe you’re missing one important feature. This can seriously put Madden backed on the map. A new & better sound track!! NBA 2k series has been kicking Madden’s tail music wise for the past several years…

  • Randy Young

    I wish they would add GM mode and also on owners and the new GM mode Stoping making me play every snap of every game…. Just cause I want to play coach mode and rebuild a team does not mean I want to kick and play def or off for that matter…. make a true coach mode let me call the plays and sub so on.. If i want to play every snap of every game there are plenty of ways to do that… but I never understood why when i play owner mode I have to play every down… it’s owner mode.. make it a toggle… and allow me to pick Off or def or both.. or NONE! so I can just play the role i want too….

    • chris9465

      the coach needs to have a more direct impact on players attributes……..look at the 49ers…..w/singletary compared to jim harbaugh…….4-11 one year next year under harbuagh they make the NFC championship game with the same roster……..the people who made NCAA need to make madden

  • Randy Young

    has anyone else come to hate Phil Sims since he started doing voice? man the errors kill me.. Thats the first first down in the game.. when you already have 12+ in … The same sayings over and over and over….. i hope they do something with that as well

    • chris9465

      phil sims and nance are not calling the same game am playing

  • Robert Severson

    PC Version — oh wait, thats right , EA hates the PC.

  • slipknot1283

    Madden 25 above all is the best madden to date.There of course could be some improvements by being able to change your drafted players names.i would also think in madden 15 uprading your player wouldnt require as many credits

  • Michael Bell

    Best wishlist I’ve seen thus far everything mentioned I’ve complained about for years one more thing would be to make playoff games important make important must win games feel the way they do during season an not feel so lifeless make division races tight and commentary address division races playoff races

  • Eazy56

    the most important thing they need in my opinion that i say every single time i play is a wayyyy better sountrack . they can’t just have trumpets and old football music playing all the time and then crazy train and thats it. they need more rap songs more crazy techno beats something to liven up the game and not make you want to turn down the tv because its giving you such a massive headache. 2k’s sountrack is unreal every song is magic, even NHL’s soundtrack is 100 times better. madden 15 needs a solid sountrack that everyone could enjoy and it’ll instantly be better in my eyes and hopefully a lot of other peoples eyes too..

  • Aldracious Cosmodal

    Madden sure seems maddening, after these plays.

  • Andrew Hynes

    Best Wishlist for madden 25
    1. Crowd: Crowd noise should have factor. If the game is close then the crowd should be louder then if the game is a blowout. It should also have an effect on autdibes. Quarterbacks should be able to get there autdibes out slower and the center should snap the ball a couple seconds later when the crowd noise is loud. Also I would like to be able to make the adjustment when the gaurd taps the center to snap the ball (like you have to make that adjustment when the crowd noise is to loud) Next i would like to see fans in the stadium moving when the game is happening. Also I aaaqwould like to see fans leaving the stadium when the game almost over especially if it is a blowout. On final note about fans during franchise mode i would like to see the stadiums population based on how you our doing in the season.
    Announcers: We need new announcers. No offense to Jim Nanz and Phil Sims, you’re just completely getting old. My suggestion Joe Buck and Troy Akiman. Also I think that they should get a little smarter.
    Wide receivers: I would like to see receivers not just stand there after the route is finished try to get open. Also when the quarterback gets out of the pocket try harder to get open.
    Gameplay: First I think that you should be able to carry your celebration into the endzone. In madden 15 when you got into the endzone your celebration just stopped. Second of all players should come and help to tackle someone. Most of the time defenders just stop when a defender is tackling someone. They don’t even help at all. I just want them to play till the whistle. Next defenders should tackle the player even when he gets into the endzone. Sometimes the defender just stops when he gets there even though most of the time in real life the defender would still tackle him. I would say that if he is when the defender is within three yards of the player when he gets into the endzone he should tackle him no matter what. On final note when a offensive player is running with the ball in a foot race, there shouldn’t be like 10 defenders sprinting after the player. It makes the game look unrealistic. The there should be like one or two sprinting after the ballcarrier with one based on the distance between them.
    Minor Issues that can be fixed: Penalties: In the NFL they accept or decline before it is announced. They could fix this easily. Not that
    it would change the gameplay in anyway, it would just make the game more realistic.
    Coin toss: I would like to have the option to defer. I would also like to bring back the coin toss, but instead of this guy fist bumping this guy and it being the same thing every time, I would like to see different people man hugging, fist bumping, etc different people. And make sure you mix up who hugs who in different coin tosses.

    On final note I would like for EA to add other coaches. Such as offensive and defensive coordinators.

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