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Bungie Talks ‘Destiny’ – Januarycast Notes


Bungie Talks ‘Destiny’ – Januarycast Notes

Bungie has posted their first podcast of 2014 and it is packed with great information about Destiny. Here is a brief description of the podcast:

[quote_box_center]This time, we’ve captured two designers in the recording studio, fresh from their moment in the Game Informer spotlight. Tyson Green is making sure that you’ll kick ass, both alien and domestic, in the name of progress. Lars Bakken is creating competitive multiplayer activities in which you’ll take names as you battle fellow Guardians for honor and loot. They’re talking to Urk, Halcylon, and yours truly about the fortune and glory that awaits you in Destiny.[/quote_box_center]

Click here to listen to the podcast, or check out our notes that go over the most important topics discussed by the Bungie designers.

Investment and Progression:

  • The team is wrapping up the ‘winter build’ of Destiny 
  • Once the ‘winter build’ is finished, the entire studio plays the game, provides feedback and starts gearing up for the public beta build
  • The goal is creating a social and co-operative game experience 
  • Putting in time and completing difficult challenges result in new weapons and gear that make you standout
  • Balance of weapons is a huge focus before launch and after to continue to evolve and change the game
  • The team will consider it a failure if everyone has the same favorite weapon

Competitive Multiplayer:

  • Destiny is not Halo and the combat sandbox is very different
  • The way competitive multiplayer ‘feels’ and ‘moves’ is reminiscent of Halo
  • However, vertical movement modes, grenades and choices on your build make the game feel very different and strategic
  • The game is “easy to slip into” but “difficult to master”
  • Skill is still requisite to victory – not just thumb skill, but understanding your character, the opponent and your surroundings
  • Mentions a proximity mine that attaches to any surface and then perpendicularly juts out like electrical damage four times
  • Talks about a ‘shoulder charge’ that can be seen from a mile away and countered, but is extremely fun to do
  • Teamwork and strategy create a lot of ‘hero’ moments
  • Philosophy on balancing weapons is powerful weapons will exist, but they will be able to be countered
  • Talks about how sliding is a fun movement mode when you are close to an enemy because you can break their line of sight
  • When you are engaging in a movement mode, you lose the ability to engage in combat for a short amount of time
  • Double jumping and gliding are other possibilities in movement mode
  • Maps will feel Halo “like” in terms of looks and dynamics
  • These maps are designed 100% for competitive multiplayer

Let us know if we missed anything! Also, make sure you check out the Bungie Weekly Update – 01/17/2014 for new screenshots and impressions from the winter build.

Stay tuned to GoodGameBro for the latest in Destiny news and let us know what system you will be playing Destiny on in the comments section below, or in the community


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  • Solid Snake

    why will they not show any Competitive Multiplayer footage, its the only reason why i haven’t pre-ord yet.

    • Kevin26385

      Bungie is very methodical in how they release media, especially videos. I wouldn’t expect any videos until they get closer to the public beta.

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