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‘2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil’ Only PS3 and 360?

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

‘2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil’ Only PS3 and 360?

The official EA SPORTS Facebook and Twitter account posted the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil image below moments ago on their social media accounts. This is the first confirmation for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, but it only lists the game coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360:


EA SPORTS has not confirmed if the title will release for PS4 or Xbox One. Every image on their official social media accounts are plastered with only PS3 and Xbox 360 logos.

It would be an interesting decision to skip out on next-gen consoles, but makes sense because of the smaller install base compared to current-gen consoles. Also, next-gen gamers did receive a new FIFA game just three months ago.

Let us know if you were looking forward to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on next-gen consoles in the comments section below, or in our community.

Update: EA SPORTS has launched their 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil website and confirmed the game is only releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360. Here is the first trailer:

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