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Battlefield Appreciation Month: Time & Money Restored?


Battlefield Appreciation Month: Time & Money Restored?

Time and money. Two items people hate wasting.

It is no secret that Battlefield 4 had one of the worst launches on major consoles and PC in recent memory. The game was plagued by stability and connectivity issues for months causing many to hit the internet with complaints. As complaints kept pouring in, EA and DICE announced a full dedication to resolving issues on all platforms before working on any other projects.  Once the issues were finally fixed, the team announced that February would be ‘Battlefield Appreciation Month‘. The promotion ends today and has me wondering if my time and money was restored. 

Battlefield Appreciation Month

The entire month of February was dedicated to erasing the bad memories of the Battlefield 4 launch with free battlepacks, shortcut bundles, double XP weekends and community missions. The battlepacks arrived everyday you booted up your game for the month and offered incentives like emblems, gun attachments, camouflage designs and XP boosts.
Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

In total, I opened 30 battlepacks and received the following XP boots:

  • (15) 25%
  • (9) 50%
  • (2) 100%

In addition to the XP boosts, I received many gun attachments and camouflage designs for each weapon. In addition to the XP boosts, free shortcut kits were available in February:

Battlefield 4 Shortcut Kits

The free Battlefield 4 shortcut kits was a download available that unlocked hand guns and grenades. Premium members received two more shortcut kits and unlocked DMR’s and Shotguns. I already unlocked every hand gun, but it was nice to have access to all of the grenades after downloading the free shortcut kit.

The last addition to ‘Player Appreciation Month’ was platoons that went live yesterday:

[quote_box_center]Platoons in Battlefield 4 is a way for you and your friends to get together, organize yourselves, communicate, and fight together to improve your Platoon. Whether you want to share experiences in a more private space, or show the world who has the most skilled, most awesome Battlefield 4 team around, Platoons is the way to go.[/quote_box_center]

Was this enough to restore my time and money?


My experience with Battlefield 4 was on the Xbox One. I struggled to complete Conquest matches for months before they fixed the connectivity issues. While other modes were open, it felt like a broken experience because Conquest was the only game mode that allowed 64 players on one map. Still, I kept Battlefield 4 in hopes the game would eventually be fixed. I never expected a ‘Player Appreciation Month’, but I do think it alleviated my feeling of wasting time with Battlefield 4.

The battlepacks and double XP weekends were a great way to make me feel like my time had been restored. I rose from rank 44 to rank 53 without much playing time because of all of the additional boosts. 

Battlefield 4 Stats

While I do feel like my time was restored, money is a different issue.


Spending $60 on a game is a big deal when you are already purchasing a new $500 console. I was a big fan of Battlefield 3 and was excited to see multiplayer expanded on Xbox One with Battlefield 4. I faced issues of connecting to servers and crashing all the time when the game was first released. It was frustrating, to say the least. However, DICE did a good job with ‘Player Appreciation Month’, but I think they missed the opportunity to make people feel good about their purchase.

DICE should have offered every map pack for a reduced price. This strategy would have made me feel more sympathetic towards the rocky launch and spending $60 on a broken game for the first two months. While ranking up faster is great, it just accelerates a process that would eventually be achieved anyways. I think it would have been more effective to drop the price for each map pack from $15 to $10.

This would be difficult for Premium Members though because they would have to reimburse them for the already purchased map packs. Another option would be to give Premium Members the ability to unlock whatever they wanted. Have them pick out five attachments, emblems and camouflage items.


Let us know what you thought of ‘Player Appreciation Month’ in Battlefield 4 in the comments section below, or in our community.

Kevin Harley is the Social Media Coordinator at GoodGameBro. Send him a friend request on Xbox One (Kevin26385) and challenge him to a game!

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  • dieger

    lost my campaign save again 2 days ago massive lag and rubberbanding online….yep totally fixed GG EA

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