Here’s What You Get With the MUT Easter Egg Card


If you’re a fan of Madden Ultimate Team, then you’re likely aware of the MUT Easter Egg card that’s available to be pulled today. It’s an incredibly rare card to pull, but you’ll reap an incredible amount of benefits if you find one in a pack today.

Pulling the Easter Egg card allows you to complete the “Promo” collection that contains just that single card. Once you’ve completed that collection, you’ll earn an Easter Egg pack that gives you sixteen mostly incredible cards. 90% of the packs are filled with cards that’ll make you scream with joy, but there are roughly three average cards there as well.

EA SPORTS managed to hook us up with a card, and we’ve included our pack opening for you below.

What’s your favorite card that we pulled in the Easter Egg pack opening? Have you managed to pull an Easter Egg card yet? Be sure to let us know what you’ve pulled by leaving us a comment below, or discuss it in our Ultimate Team community!