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How to Unlock Royce Gracie in EA SPORTS UFC


How to Unlock Royce Gracie in EA SPORTS UFC

Royce Gracie returns to the Octagon when EA SPORTS UFC hits store shelves on June 17, 2014:

[quote_box_center]EA SPORTS UFC is proud to give gamers the chance to hit the Octagon as one of the greatest legends in UFC history – Royce Gracie. Winner of the first-ever UFC tournament, the original Ultimate Fighting Champion is ready to roll again on PS4 and Xbox One.[/quote_box_center]

You can unlock Gracie by completing the career mode or pre-ordering EA SPORTS UFC at select retailers:

1) Beat Career Mode

Fire up your copy of EA SPORTS UFC and start fighting! Finishing EA SPORTS UFC on Pro difficulty or higher will unlock the legendary Royce Gracie for play in the UFC’s Welterweight division.

 2) Pre-Order

Can’t wait that long to start submitting the opposition with Gracie? We don’t blame you. Pre-order your copy of EA SPORTS UFC today from selected retailers and get Day-One access to Royce Gracie. Here is a list of retailers by region where you can pre-order your copy now:

  • North America – Gamestop
  • United Kingdom – GAME
  • Germany – Amazon
  • Nordic Region – Gamestop
  • Rest of the World – International retailer details coming soon


In addition to Royce Gracie, Bruce Lee has also been announced as a playable fighter in EA SPORTS UFC. Let us know what other martial arts legends should be added to the game in the comments section below, or in our community.

Kevin Harley is the Social Media Coordinator at GoodGameBro. Send him a friend request on Xbox One (Kevin26385) and challenge him to a game!

  • Brandon

    Chuck Noris should be in it as well

  • Kush

    You had one of the best fights in UFC history with Sanchez VS Melendez and no Sanchez ??? That’s wrong. Why put Chuck Liddel but no other Legends like Randy Cotour or Ken Shamrock,Dan Severn,Pat smith,Tank Abott? why not make an old throwback game mode, Bare knuckle, no weight classes.



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