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MLB 14 The Show: A Showcase of the PlayStation 4’s Power


MLB 14 The Show: A Showcase of the PlayStation 4’s Power

MLB The Show is known for being one of the best looking sports titles and this trend continues as MLB 14 The Show is available on PS4 for the first time. This was SCE San Diego’s first attempt at bringing the baseball series to a next-generation console and the stadiums, athletes and fans look better than ever before on PS4.

Here is a look at Fenway Park, PNC Park, Nationals Park, Comerica Park and the Great American Ball Park:

Every game in MLB 14 The Show begins with a stadium view and this helps give the gamer a sense of realism as the details of each stadium replicate their real life counterpart. After the stadium views fade, it is time to step up to the plate and play ball.

One of the most impressive aspects of MLB 14 The Show is the broadcast camera angles when players walk into the batter box. Here is a look at Derek Jeter, Bryce Harper and Ryan Braun doing just that:

After the batters put the ball in play, it is time to check out players like Matt Kemp in the outfield. Here are images of the Los Angeles Dodgers Center Fielder during the day, evening and night cycles in MLB 14 The Show:

The lighting is not the only impressive feature captured above in MLB 14 The Show. It is the little details like Matt Kemp taking off his sunglasses once the sun goes down at Dodger Stadium that make for a more authentic experience.

Speaking of the lighting, MLB 14 The Show is by far the best looking sports game at night. Hands down. Companies have routinely struggled with graphic fidelity when the stadium lights turn on and the result is usually washed out graphics. MLB 14 The Show does not have that problem. Here are some examples:

At the stadiums watching the players at bat and in the field are the fans. How do they look in MLB 14 The Show? Here is a look at a section of a home game for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park against the St.Louis Cardinals:

The PS4 version of MLB 14 The Show jumped from 42 to 1,000 unique crowd models. This is obvious in the screenshots above as you can see adult men and women along with children of both genders with different hairstyles and fan gear. Also, it is a nice touch to see a select few wearing throwback hats for their favorite team.

Finally, we end the graphics tour of MLB 14 The Show on PS4 with extreme closeups of players, jerseys and the baseball itself:

We want to hear from you! Let us know which MLB 14 The Show screenshot we posted is your favorite in the comments section below, or in our community.

Kevin Harley is the Social Media Coordinator at GoodGameBro. Send him a friend request on Xbox One (Kevin26385) and challenge him to a game!

  • Utedude

    They did an amazing job on this game! Just gorgeous.

    • Kevin26385

      Thanks for the comment. Did you pick up a copy yet?

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    Game is great.. Just got home from work/school and running errands.. It’s time to game. Play BALL!! Of course I don’t get to see the stadiums yet cuz I’m in spring training

    • Kevin26385

      Are you playing an entire 162 game season?

      • Sea-HAWK fan

        Haha I ended up playing 1 season and another spring training last year. It took me about a year and I simmed alot as well. Quick counts is really helping this year and I will sim when I have to . But if you have any type of life playing that much is hard

  • Twelve(One)

    This game is incredible and visually stunning, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming years.

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