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Madden NFL 25 Roster: NFL Draft


Madden NFL 25 Roster: NFL Draft

After even more build-up than usual—thanks to the 2014 NFL Draft not taking place until May, a month later than is typical—all seven rounds have concluded at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and college stars both drafted and undrafted now know where they’ll have a chance to prove their worth at the professional level.  It was three days of surprise and intrigue as trades were made, players jumped and fell versus what was expected, and a new season of storylines emerged.

Here at, we’re thrilled that people have enjoyed our free agency roster update files for Madden NFL 25 from EA SPORTS, and we wanted to put together one last file before all the attention begins to turn to this year’s Madden NFL 15, due for release at the end of August 2014.  This new roster update file included 58 NFL draft picks, as well as more free agency moves bringing us to a total of over 350 free agency changes since the offseason began.

Madden NFL 25 - Clowney

To download the file, you’ll want to go into the “Madden Share” menu in Madden NFL 25 on your Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One; unfortunately, our roster file is not available for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.  On PS4, search for user ID Paakaa10 and file name GGB2014NFLDRAFT to get the file; on Xbox One, search for user ID WhoIsDo and file name GGB2014NFLDRAFT.

Madden NFL 25 - Bortles

We’ve gotten questions on Twitter, Facebook, and in our forums about why we don’t have all of the rookies created, or why we’re not planning to add all of the rookies in a future roster update.  Unfortunately, this project is a labor of love with only a few people working on it in their spare time.  Leading up to the draft, we decided to narrow a list down to 50 players who seemed to be “sure bets” to go in the first round of the NFL Draft, so that we would at least be able to capture every team’s first pick for gamers to use.  Of course, the night of the first round brought some surprises, leading us to add 8 players to the list based on surprise picks in the first 32 as well as interesting storylines from later rounds.  We hope that this roster file provides a solid starting point for people wanting to experience Madden NFL 25 with some of the top players from next season’s rookie class, and that motivated people can take our roster and add more players as they see fit.

One other feature being offered with this roster file is that we’ve gone through and done the ratings for all 58 of the NFL draft picks included in the file.  These ratings are based on a number of different sources, including comparative ratings from NCAA Football 14, ratings from the Madden Ultimate Team cards of the first 32 picks, and a general survey of rookie ratings from the past few installments of Madden NFL.  These ratings are not intended to be a perfect evaluation of each player, or even a prediction of how the players will be rated in Madden NFL 15 later this summer; instead, we aimed to create the players so that Madden NFL 25 players could enjoy using them on their new teams without them being overpowered compared to the remainder of the NFL.  We encourage gamers to use this file as a starting point to work from as they evaluate and re-evaluate the rookies on their own consoles; if you want Jadeveon Clowney to be a 99 OVR and haunt offensive linemen’s dreams instead of the 85 OVR we arrived at, go for it!

Madden NFL 25 - Watkins

Here’s how the top 10 NFL Draft Picks came out in our roster file:

  • #1. Jadeveon Clowney, RE, Texans – 85 OVR
  • #2. Greg Robinson, LT, Rams – 83 OVR
  • #3. Blake Bortles, QB, Jaguars – 75 OVR
  • #4. Sammy Watkins, WR, Bills – 78 OVR
  • #5. Khalil Mack, ROLB, Raiders – 82 OVR
  • #6. Jake Matthews, LT, Falcons – 81 OVR
  • #7. Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers – 76 OVR
  • #8. Justin Gilbert, CB, Browns – 80 OVR
  • #9. Anthony Barr, ROLB, Vikings – 82 OVR
  • #10. Eric Ebron, TE, Lions – 73 OVR

For the full list of NFL Draft Picks and Free Agency Moves, check out this discussion thread in our community.

We encourage people who download this roster file to use the GoodGameBro community to engage in roster and ratings discussion with other fans, and we look forward to seeing what the community might come up with going forward based off of our work!  Thank you to everyone who has downloaded our roster files over the past few months!

Brian Parker is the Senior Associate Editor at He focuses on the NCAA Football, NHL, and FIFA Soccer franchises, though he plays nearly every sports game on the market. You can follow Brian on Twitter at @Paakaa10.

  • Chad

    The rookie ratings are a complete joke. Brandin Cooks; the fastest reciever in the NFL combine has an 87 Speed rating. LOL not to mention his 66 overall rating. He was the top reciever in college football last year…

    • Chiryder

      Yea 66 is pretty bad.

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