EA SPORTS Releases First Madden NFL 15 Screenshot

Madden 15 - Kaepernick

With E3 being a few days away, EA SPORTS will likely unleash a plethora of Madden NFL 15 footage for fans. While we still have another week until E3 takes place, EA SPORTS has released the very first Madden NFL 15 screenshot today.

The screenshot features Colin Kaepernick, fresh off signing his incredible contract, and shows quite a few new visual changes to the game. We see Kaepernick’s tattoos, something that we’ve haven’t seen in the series for quite some time. In addition to the tattoos, we’re able to see Kaepernick’s face scan, changes to how the jersey appears to fit to the equipment on the player, and some impressive lighting. We’ve even compared Madden NFL 25 vs Madden NFL 15!

EA SPORTS has yet to comment on whether they’ll be including tattoos for every player, just big names, or if Kaepernick will be the only one. It’s great to see that they’re able to bring forward authenticity of that nature to the game, as well as improve other visual areas.

What do you think about the player models in the very first Madden NFL 15 screenshot? Are you happy with the improvements you see so far?

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  • Donald Scott

    Phhsss, i’m not convinced thats gameplay graphics. Looks to good to be true. Need to see the game in motion to see how good it really looks. Was a little let down at the visuals in the recent UFC game demo. After seeing the “gameplay trailers” that look noticably better than the actual game! Pretty screen shot though!

    • Ryan Taylor

      I think it is. The problem is they have awesome visuals next gen now the problem is the camera angle doesn’t allow them to show it off. if you watch a replay and zoom in it looks amazing. Changing to an over the shoulder view would solve a few of the problems i have with madden. And in the release info they said they’re incorporating new camera angles. I’m hoping it’s the best football game ever made.

  • Donald Scott

    We are still in the BS stage right now.

  • Ryan Taylor

    This madden is gonna be so badass (and it has nothing to do w/ this screenshot.) I just have a feeling.

    • Twelve(One)

      I’ve been thinking and hoping that for years, I didn’t play last year’s madden on ps4 but Im gonna try it out this time around. By the look of this screen shot, its obvious that the o-line is still fucked, which is sad.

      • Ryan Taylor

        I like the o-line from this past season. It’s much improved. The biggest changes need to be more give and take with tackles (now its either a solid stop or no tackle.) and better interaction between WR/DB. But it’s getting there if they fix those it’ll be the best fb game i’ve ever played.

  • Yo Mama

    Same fucking cameraman from the previous titles standing in the background. I bet there’s three or four more identical ones standing beside him too. Smh.

  • spideynut71

    Kap: “I just got PAAAAAID bltches!”

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Terrible decision at that price tag, but Kap is LOADED!

  • Okay

    I could give two shits about the Madden franchise, but this is real, look at his right arm.
    It has the signature “arms look like two different pieces when they are
    bent” look that Madden has always had. His tattoos cut off into his

  • Ok please do your research or clarify with more detail, its not the first time tattoos have been in the series, just the first time in many years

  • Kevin26385

    What did you guys think of the comparison shot we posted in the forums?