Madden NFL 15 vs Madden NFL 25: The Difference a Year Makes


EA SPORTS recently released the first batch of official screenshots for Madden NFL 15 and we wanted to directly compare a handful of them to Madden NFL 25. Player models, player faces, skin tone and lighting will immediately jump out as the biggest adjustments between titles. However, we will point out some other differences that might not be as noticeable.

Each image on the left is from Madden NFL 25 and was captured with the share button on PlayStation 4. Each image on the right is from Madden NFL 15 and was captured by EA SPORTS. Click on each image to see it in its full resolution.

First, we have a screenshot of Luke Kuechly on the Carolina Panthers engaging with a New Orleans Saints offensive lineman:
Madden NFL 15 - Luke Kuechly Comparison

Did you notice the face mask now casts a shadow on Luke’s face or the location and color correction of the captain patch? Click here to view a real image of Kuechly to see how the captain patch is now in the correct location on the jersey and the correct color.

Here is a screenshot of Adrian Peterson running against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field:

Madden NFL 15 - Adrian Peterson Comparison

Did you notice how the Minnesota Vikings helmet has been adjusted in Madden NFL 15? Last year, the franchise switched from a traditional helmet to a matte finish which does not “shine” like it does in the Madden NFL 25 screenshot.

Here is a screenshot of Von Miller and T.J. Ward setting up in a defensive formation against the Oakland Raiders:

Madden NFL 15 - Miller and Ward Comparison

Did you notice the Denver Broncos jersey in the Madden NFL 15 screenshot?  Click here to view an image of the Denver Broncos jersey on their official website. It looks like they toned down the orange to more accurately represent the color in the game.

Finally, here is screenshot of Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers scrambling with the ball:
Madden NFL 15 - Colin Kaepernick Comparison

Did you notice the adjustments made in the San Francisco 49ers helmets and the flak jacket in Madden NFL 15? Click here to view a real image of Kaepernick and notice how the helmet is less “shiny” and the flak jacket is more prominent.

While the player models, player faces, skin tone and lighting are improved in Madden NFL 15, it is nice to see the team at EA SPORTS focus on the small details which add up and show exactly how much difference a year can make in development. If you noticed a small detail we didn’t, click here to visit our forums and let us know!


    Love this, nice to see them taking a step toward making the game authentic which they’ve noticeably neglected in past years.

  • EmpeRawD

    Soooooo how is the gameplay?

  • brza

    The improvements are noticeable but I still don’t understand why they don’t have the Vikings correct font in the game:

    • Kevin26385

      I didn’t even notice that. Good catch!


      An insider who helps Tiburon with the uniforms was told that they “don’t have the technology yet to use a different font for the numbers on jerseys.”

      • Kevin26385

        Interesting. Do you have a link where that was mentioned?

        • BIG DOOKY

          Sorry, I was mistaken. He stated “the tech* needs to be added to the game”.

          5th post down. Kane helps with uniform/equipment issues with the game.

          • brza

            Thanks for the info. That is utterly ridiculous though.
            This is 2014. With the power of PS4 and XB1 EA/Tiburon still does not have the “tech” to have two different fonts on a jersey?!
            Somehow The Show and NBA 2k have been able to do that for years. They must have some magic “tech”.

          • Derrick Gottschall

            And that thread about the tech not being there was for Madden 25! Apparently they still don’t have that tech…

      • Iown You

        That’s laughable. What they really mean to say is that their current codebase is FUBAR and it makes doing basic things like this harder than it should be.

  • Battle Mage

    Funny your “real image” shows how Madden screwed up the 49ers pants. AGAIN.

    Also, the “shininess” of the 49ers helmets depend on the light direction. I can post you real images of a very reflective 49ers helmet too. Madden wasnt too bad on that last year. But the pants are HORRIBLE.

  • Battle Mage

    This link shows how they got the 49ers pants wrong. On the top left is Madden 15, underneath is real life, and the top right is a photoshopped version of Madden 15 with the pants closer to correct.

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    • Amy Hollands

      thank you Carl for calling Woodland High School and CNN Student News on Monday October 6th everybody was so happy, excited, and surprised. Thank you infinity times infinity.

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      Amy Hollands

    • Amy Hollands

      Thank you Carl for calling Woodland High School and CNN Student
      News on Monday October 6th. Everybody was so happy, excited, and
      surprised. Thank you infinity times infinity.

      Luv u,

      Amy Hollands, Your favorite student from Woodland High School