Tee Box: First Thoughts on EA SPORTS PGA TOUR


For fans of EA SPORTS’ simulation golf offerings, the transition to the new generation of gaming consoles was less celebratory than anybody could have predicted. The decision to take a year’s hiatus from the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise—a franchise coming off of a fairly strong entry in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14—left a gaping void in the Spring 2014 release window for these fans. Even though the next title, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, has been announced and was given a debut trailer and website at E3 2014, Spring 2015 still feels a long way off for fans looking for the next installment of the long-running series developed at EA Tiburon.

In the meantime, developer HB Studios—a company with a history of partnering with EA SPORTS producing old-gen versions of their core sports titles, as well as contributing work on Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 for PlayStation 2 and PSP—decided to use the “off year” to make a game of their own with The Golf Club, currently available as an early release title on Steam and set to debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as early as August 2014.

With only one trailer and some early information to go by, we asked two long-time EA SPORTS golf experts and long-time Community Event attendees—Fred “Oblong” Parrow and Michael “cccgolfer08” Amspaugh—to give us their thoughts on what is known now about EA SPORTS PGA TOUR and what their current thoughts and expectations are.

  • OnlookerDelay

    It’s impossible for me to have an opinion on EA Sports PGA Tour at this point, as I still know nothing about how the game will play. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and is certainly not one I want to remember that series by. I still play Tiger Woods 10 on my 360 and would like to see something that embodies what that game had to offer, in next-gen skin. As for now,I’m totally indifferent about EA Sports PGA Tour, but I’m hoping that the XBox One version of The Golf Club can tide me over until we have something more to go on with EA Sports next title.