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EA SPORTS UFC Releases Free Content Update #2


EA SPORTS UFC Releases Free Content Update #2

Despite getting out to something of a rocky start at launch, the team at EA SPORTS Canada has stayed true to their pledge to provide post-release support for EA SPORTS UFC, and Free Content Update #2 has been pushed to Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles.  This content update not only adds three new fighters to the ever-expanding roster, it also adds significant gameplay additions which have been requested by members of the game’s community.

Watch the video trailer for this content above, and read on for a full description of what’s been added in EA SPORTS UFC Free Content Update #2:

New and Updated Content

  • Addition of 3 new fighters. 2 in Welterweight: Matt Brown, Mike Pyle and 1 at Heavyweight: Stipe Miocic
  • Updates to fighter records
  • Gameplay – Added Referee TKO stoppage if dominant fighter throws too many blocked strikes without the submissive fighter trying to improve his position
  • Gameplay – Added the ability to catch kicks on parries if the attacking fighter has low stamina or high leg damage when throwing a kick. If Parry button is held, a takedown will be initiated.
  • Gameplay – Added new defensive standup transitions from Full Guard. Moved Sweep to Advanced Transition
  • Gameplay – Added Back Mount escape for submissive fighter
  • Gameplay – Added manual taunts. Press Left or Right Directional buttons to taunt
  • Gameplay – Successful Basic Single Leg Takedowns will now end in Half Guard
  • Online – Added Coins to Championships. Watch partner videos from the Home Panel and earn Coins to trade in for Season Points.



  • Fixed issue where dominant fighter could stall transitions
  • Fixed an exploit where fighters could sneak in a free hammer fist during Posture up and down animations
  • Fixed exploit in Side Control where users could land a free shot after transitioning to Side Control.
  • Fixed an issue with Cage Clinch Break denial inputs.
  • Tuning – Increased base punch speed of all weight classes
  • Tuning – AI tuned to be less aggressive. AI is more aware of stamina and fight pacing.
  • Tuning – Duration and probability of Health Events has been tuned
  • Tuning – Stamina loss on strikes landed has been adjusted
  • Tuning – Tuned denial windows for various ground transitions, getups and submission attempts
  • Tuning – Animation speeds adjusted for strikes that were being abused Online
  • Added delay on submission attempts after a failed submission.
  • Submissions cannot be attempted when attacker has minimal Stamina
  • Fighters can change stances while blocking
  • Adjusted Antônio Rogério Nogueira’s and Robbie Lawler’s Hand Power and Speed attributes



  • Fixed issue where Crucifix was unavailable in career. Will now be available on new Career save files after purchasing transition.



  • Allow users to view Fighter Stats and Abilities in Online Championships Fighter Select Screen
  • Disabled Online Pause in all Online modes. User can still access the Pause menu, however it does not pause gameplay.
  • Tuned White Belt promotion and division belt thresholds.



  • Fixed an issue with incorrect video for ‘GSP Switch Kick’ move.
  • Fixed a crash when adjusting Walk out music
  • Fixed an issue with Mat damage
  • Changed Antônio Rogério Nogueira’s stance to southpaw
  • Various replay fixes


Have you gotten back into the Octagon in EA SPORTS UFC since downloading this content update?  If so, join the conversation in our forums and let us know what you think, as well as what else you think needs to be changed or added to continue improving the game!

Brian Parker is the Senior Associate Editor at He focuses on the NCAA Football, NHL, and FIFA Soccer franchises, though he plays nearly every sports game on the market. You can follow Brian on Twitter at @Paakaa10.

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