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FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 Comparison Screenshots


FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 Comparison Screenshots

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With both the FIFA 15 and PES 2015 demos out in selected regions, we thought it’d be a good idea to show our community a quick glace at the graphical capabilities of both titles. While these aren’t retail copies, they give us a good idea at how FIFA 15 and PES 2015 will shape up visually once they both hit store shelves.

For the purpose of this comparison, we used Barcelona FC as our template, and give you side-by-side images of each of the Starting XI – both in day/summer/clear weather settings. Barcelona is one of the two teams both demos have in common. Both games were captured on a Sony Playstation 4 using the released demos.

FIFA 15 (left) vs PES 2015 (right):

Click next to view Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Neymar in FIFA 15 and PES 2015!

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  • Christopher Funk

    PES is better. Here’s the test. Take Suarez, for example. If you were to show me the FIFA 15 image of Suarez, I wouldn’t be able to say who I was looking at, could be anyone. With the PES 15 image of Suarez, however, I’d look at it and in a second say, “Yup—that’s Suarez.”

    • Tommy Murphy

      Really? You probably gave the worst example here, The Fifa image of Suarez looks phenomenal, whereas Pes looks like a mask of Suarez!

      The static face images usually favor Pes but it’s hard not to admit that the they underwhelm when viewed on replays, Fifa is slightly less photo realistic but hold up a hell of a lot better once movement is incorporated!

      • Christopher Funk

        Here’s an image of Suarez, the first one I saw in the Internet. You tell me which one looks like Suarez . . . . I know and you know what I am talking about. The FIFA 15 image looks like some random dude from the Middle East. The only image uploaded from FIFA 15 that looks more like the actual person than PES 15 is Messi. I’m not sure what is going on with the PES 15 image, but the only thing in PES’ image that resembles Messi is the ears.

        As for the images being static, that’s partially true because they are static images taken from animated figures. These are the actually three-dimensional portrayals of the players, so we can assume that they will consistently look like this as they move throughout the game. I do believe that is a very safe assumption.

        I have not played PES 15 yet; but after playing the FIFA 15 demo, PES 15 has a steep hill to climb, a very high bar to surpass. There are nuances in FIFA 15 that are amazing. Take particular note of the defensive moves in the new version compared to FIFA 14. There are a variety of ball clearance animations as opposed to the bicycle kick clearance, which occurs just about every time a defender kicks the ball out of the box.

        As far as visual go, however, the FACES of these players, those that have been shown to us here, are petter on PES 15 than FIFA 15.

        • Tommy Murphy

          I have to disagree with the faces point because I have played both demos, the reason I mentioned the static models is because having seen both in action Fifa holds up far better when moving than Pes does! The pes models that look good when still look like cardboard cutouts when moving

      • Christopher Funk

        One other thing too, open up the images and compare them side by side. Let’s look at Iniesta. PES 15’s Fox Engine is ridiculous as far as detail is concerned. Look at the nose detail for the two. FIFA 15 looks like a cartoon, and PES 15 looks almost life-like. And I am not partial to either game; I am just saying.

  • Torquay United

    all the pes players look surprised and suarez has demon eyes so pes fail….again

  • Stuart Jones

    FIFA slightly more cartoony and Jordi Alba looks ….nothing like Jordi Alba so Evo has the edge. Saying that, Evo’s downfall has been players outside of big stars who they’ve made no effort with so guess we’ll see whether we get a ginger Mark Noble etc.

  • bravo

    PES Suarez has his teeth out, so PES wins. Looks like he just came out of biting someone. PES Suarez will bite the a** out of FIFA Suarez. lol

  • FIFA looks like a cartoon… Small kids like it… The real one is PES.. #supportPES…

    IS that Neymar in FIFA.. Its a cartoon image.. Compare with PES….

    • Jack Eden

      Neymar looks monkey in Fifa LOL! fifa 15 is cartoon

  • This is Neymar… Looks as if in PES.!

  • Marc Scammell

    Fanboys at their best? At least compare ALL the photos. Yes Neymar and Suarez look better on PES, but just look at Xavi on PES? what the hell is that?! No comparison. Messi looks better on FIFA. Iniesta and Bisquets don’t look great on either, but definitely better on FIFA!
    Alves and Pique look total shit on PES, but PES probably win on Alba.

  • Jack Eden

    HMMMMM………………………………………….. I suggest pes 15 this game won gamescom awards this game has better faces this game has good physics and better AI’s i dont care if it dont have scoreboards or kits u can get them with patch 😀

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