Advanced Warfare to Feature Zombies in Exo Survival Mode

Exo Survivor

If you’ve been following the rumor mill regarding Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you’ve likely heard that there’s a rumored fourth game mode. Today’s news won’t confirm or discredit that, but it does let us know that zombies will be featured in Advanced Warfare.

A Call of Duty forum combed through the achievements of the game and noticed a previously secret achievement called “Exo Survivor” had an interesting image. The image, which you can see above, features what appears to be zombies wearing exoskeleton suits.

The description for the achievement/trophy reads as follows: “Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave.” While we’ve been given a taste of what Exo Survival has to offer in Advanced Warfare, it appears that we still have a lot to learn. It should be noted that this only means that zombies will be in a bonus wave for Exo Survival, and does not confirm a fourth game mode.

In previous Call of Duty games, we’ve only seen zombies stumble around as they chased us. Now we’re looking at zombies that have exoskeletons? That should be for an intense bonus wave in the game’s cooperative mode.

What do you think about zombies being included in the Exo Survival mode? Are you still hoping for a fourth game mode to be revealed?

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  • Avishkar Manna

    This game is going to suck anyways.

    • Go fuck yourself, fgt.

      • XLKILLA

        Aww need a tissue fanboy

        • Nah, but I’m sure you do.

      • Bliss Seeker

        This ^
        Pretty much sums up the CoD community.
        But seriously man… Why so harsh on the guy?

        • No, you sack of shit. I don’t play COD, but to see a fgt talking shit about a game that’s not even put yet is ridiculous.

          “Pretty much sums up the CoD community.” You’re making a statement to generalize an entire community off of one user.. who’s the real asshole here? YOU.

          • Bliss Seeker

            1. I am not basing the entire CoD community off of one person… He was just a good example of the majority of the fanbase. And since you don’t play CoD, you don’t really have room to talk.

            2. It was just an opinion, albeit one I also disagree with as well, but you were still nasty as hell to him for it. There was no need.

            3. I couldn’t care less if you played CoD or not; you were still a good example of the majority of the fanbase.

            4. Did you really just call me a “sack of shit” and then call me the asshole? lol

    • Bobby Griffin

      Y r u on this blog hater

    • Mini

      Are you one of those kids who just stated a game suck before the release? lmfao
      I doubt you’ve played it

  • Bliss Seeker

    Hope they add in a full on zombies survival mode. But then again that is Treyarch’s thing…
    Gonna see how this game turns out before making a purchase.

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    This game look’s wonderful, and I’m really becoming more interested in it every day..

  • Further proof just how cannibalistic and creatively bankrupt Sledgehammer Games really are. Is there anything else they plan on ripping off shamelessly from Treyarch?


      I feel like this was treyarchs game then sh took over when activision changed it to a 3 year cycle cause this is like Bo 2.1

      • OtherAccountBanned

        Yeah it looks like they’re using updated reject BO2 maps.

  • OtherAccountBanned

    Not buying until they announce another co op mode. The co op here is just the MW3 survival mode with the exo suits, Ghosts had this and it was the least anticipated feature. You couldn’t even increase the co op player count which Black Ops 2 did(kinda).

  • Garrett

    This is not “zombies”. they’re just zombies. A big part of what made Nazi Zombies so fun was the whole story it was centered around. Merely having zombies to shoot at isn’t (entirely) the fun part. If this were somehow a continuation of the Maxis and Richtofen zombie story then I would probably fork over my money right now. But, as no one has been able to say if it is or not, i’ll continue to wait. Really what needs to happen is a full on zombie game. Probably still map based but where we get 8-10 new maps as well as all the previous maps. I would buy that up in a second. Heck, the only reason I bought DLC before was when it was giving a new zombie map anyway.