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Destiny DLC “The Dark Below” gets Release Date, Details


Destiny DLC “The Dark Below” gets Release Date, Details

Regardless of your take on Bungie’s Destiny (you can find our take here), now going on nearly two months in the wild as a retail game, it’s hard to argue against the hordes of Guardians still logging in on a daily basis and tackling all that the game has to offer so far.  That game experience will soon be expanding, as Bungie has announced that the first DLC expansion, titled “The Dark Below,” will be launching on December 9th, 2014.


The expansion is priced at $19.99, or can be purchased as part of an “Expansion Pass” bundled with the second expansion, “House of Wolves,” for $34.99 (a savings of $5.00 overall).  Destiny players who purchased one of the special editions of the game already have access to both of these forthcoming expansions, as the “Expansion Pass” was an included element of those editions.

“The Dark Below” will raise the Light level cap from 30 to 32, as well as add five additional Bounty slots from what players can currently have active.  New gear and weapons will also feature in the expansion.  A new Raid experience titled “Crota’s End” will join the existing Raid, “Vault of Glass,” for teams of six players to tackle.


The expansion will also feature a new Strike titled “The Will of Crota” on all platforms, as well as an additional Sony-exclusive Strike titled “The Undying Mind” which will only be on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 until fall 2015.  New story quests and missions will also be available on the Moon, which is the focal area of the expansion.

Fans of the player-versus-player action in the Crucible will also be glad to know that three new maps are coming in “The Dark Below:” Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron.  A new character named Eris will also be debuting in the game’s Tower area, offering quests, missions, bounties, rewards, and story details for “The Dark Below.”


What do you think of the details of the first expansion for Destiny?  Is there enough content to justify the $20 price tag, in your opinion?  Join the ongoing discussion about Bungie’s latest offering in our forums here  at GoodGameBro!

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