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GoodGameShow: Episode #16 – Rich Grisham & Far Cry 4 Impressions

Far Cry 4

GoodGameShow: Episode #16 – Rich Grisham & Far Cry 4 Impressions

This week on the podcast, we are joined by a very special guest, Mr. Rich Grisham. Rich normally hosts his own, brilliant Press Row Podcast, but takes some time out of his busy schedule to take Corey’s place in the co-host’s chair due to a medical absence.

Together, him and Marc discuss his career in media and gaming, and they both have a lengthy conversation in regards to Ubisoft’s recently released Far Cry 4.  We’d like to thank Rich for being a part of the episode, and feel free to subscribe to his Press Row Podcast, which you can find a link for in the show notes below.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe!

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Show Notes:

Happy Thanksgiving! On this week’s GoodGameShow, the great Rich Grisham, host of the Press Row Podcast, co-hosts in light of Corey’s medical absence. He and Marc talk a little about his life in the game’s press before diving deep into Far Cry 4 and their shared fear of eagles.

We hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends. Please be safe, and enjoy the long weekend!

This Week’s Discussed Topics:


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Corey is a long time sports fan and gamer. He can be found playing almost any type of game, but is usually deep in a franchise or career mode on multiple sports titles. If he's not on Xbox Live, he's usually following one of his sports teams and tweeting about it. You can follow him on Twitter for any type of conversation.

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