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NBA 2K16 to Feature Improved Body Types


NBA 2K16 to Feature Improved Body Types

In the months leading up to the release of NBA 2K15, 2K Sports worked to capture facial scans of every NBA player they could. The result was some impressive head models for the majority of NBA Players in the game.

If you’ve spent enough time in this year’s game, however, you’re likely aware that the body types available in the game are a bit lacking. The tweets below from the Miami Heat & Brooklyn Nets showcase players in a variety of poses.

Most notably, you’ll see that players are flexing in photos and showcasing different emotions. This leads us to believe that the team at 2K Sports is having a larger focus on improved body types for players in NBA 2K16. It’s also possible that the team is looking at capturing body tattoos as well on players that aren’t currently captured, but the Heat specifically reference “body scans” for players.

In addition to NBA players, 2K Sports also captured Natalie Tenerelli. Tenerelli is currently an NBA dancer for the Los Angeles Clippers. This year’s game featured fairly lengthy cutscenes of NBA cheerleaders, so it looks like NBA 2K16 will feature additional routines as well.

What do you think about NBA 2K16 focusing on improved player models? What player do you think needs the most attention?

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