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Battlefield Hardline: How to Spray Paint Your Emblem

Battlefield: Hardline

Battlefield Hardline: How to Spray Paint Your Emblem

The folks over at EA Visceral have included a pretty interesting feature in Battlefield Hardline. When you’re looking closely at a surface or another player, you’re able to spray paint your Battlefield emblem.

While it’s a cool feature, it’s also a bit pointless. However, it allows players to show off the crazy artwork that they’ve created in the game’s emblem editor. Creative players will even be able to use it to enhance their creative videos spawned from within the game.

How to Spray Paint Your Emblem

  • PC: Hold the “C” key
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One: Hold down the “select” or button with overlapping boxes
  • PS3: Hold down the select button
  • PS4: Hold down the touchpad

It only takes a second to do, and it’ll allow you to showcase your artwork to the entire server. You can easily create an emblem on Battlelog, and you’re able to create multiple emblems and swap between them with ease.

What’s the best emblem that you’ve seen in Battlefield Hardline? What’s the best use of the emblem spray paint that you’ve seen?

Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below!

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  • Cheodo

    I can’t seem to get mine to show up on 360. I just get the default spray each time.

    • LtnWolf

      Have you change your spray through Battlelog? You need to “Refresh” your emblem under battlefield hardline on battlelog instead of Battlefield 4.

      • Homage

        i have refreshed mine a few times and nothing is working for me. and i have also seen others spray the default so i think its not working for many.

  • Kennedy

    So I made my emblem online and clicked save and use. I go into my Battlefield Hardline Beta on the Xbox 360 and it’s the default skull and black emblem I sprayed on the wall. Help!!!

  • killaondatrigga1

    so im having some troubles as well as other people and battlefields facebook page has now blocked me because i asked questions about it and they ignored me so i pretty much said thanks for ignoring me but i have a ps3 and i try to change my emblem to my tag but it shows up the default any answers will be greatly appreciated

  • fwerfgerg

    made an emblem on battlelog, shows on battlelog but won’t show up in game. Stil get that visceral logo :S

  • Blake Strayhorn

    Someone had squirtle with his gangsta black shades!! I was blown away

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