Battlefield Hardline: How to Unlock Gold Gun Camo


In Battlefield Hardline, there’s a lot to unlock. As you begin to unlock different items for your character, you’ll quickly notice that there are quite a few different weapon camos.

While the majority of the camos require you to pay the in-game cash that you earn to equip them once they’ve been unlocked, there are three in particular that are more skill-based. Players will be able to unlock a bronze, silver, or gold weapon camo for their character after completing a certain amount of kills.

How to Unlock Gold Weapon Camo

  • Bronze – 100 kills
  • Silver – 250 kills
  • Gold – 500 kills

Keep in mind that these are weapon specific, and won’t carry over to other weapons. You’ll need to achieve that specific amount of kills on an individual weapon to be able to equip those three camos. What’s different about these camos is that once they’re unlocked, they’re free to equipped.

What’s your favorite camo in Battlefield Hardline? Do you think the gold camo is too distracting?

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