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Treyarch’s Next Game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3

Treyarch’s Next Game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

For nearly a few months now, images of Call of Duty: World at War 2 have been finding their way around the internet. The images were extremely vague, but lead fans of the series to believe that a reveal was taking place in a few months for World at War 2.

I’ve been in contact with a source that’s close to Treyarch, and they’ve confirmed that their next game will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The video above goes over all of the information that I’ve been passed from my source, and hopefully they’ll be able to share more in the near future.

What do you think about Black Ops 3 being the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise? What improvements do you hope Treyarch makes to the game?

Be sure to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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  • Amer Alharbi

    to be honest, I trust Treyarch to make an amazing game like what they did before with BO1 and BO2, those are the only games I played that was made by them, they are awesome, and i trust them to add all the improvements players wished for.

    • Charlie De Pasquale

      I agree
      Treyarch has never let me down at all!
      Am so looking foward to zombies oh my

      • Derick

        zombies will be amazing

        • VashTheStampede

          black ops 2 was garbage IMO

    • crom

      BO2 is fucking shit like AW and Ghost.

      • ErikJacks

        Ghosts should burn but AW was amazing

        • crom

          ARE U RETARD?U must be a kid. AW is worst CoD ever. Never buy that game but I try it bcos my friend bought it. BO2 is second and Ghost 3rd. AW is like MW2 mod games, super jump invisible and other shit stuff… scifi is shit and those maps are terrible. -__-

          • ErikJacks

            Ok, I am 13, so im kinda a kid, and I do have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and my gf’s brother has autism, so if you are going to call people stuff like that, you can f*ck off

          • Kevin Eichenlaub

            LOL 13 years old and already more educated than crom.

          • Salvador Carpenter

            Your a major hater lmao those are opinions. Gett your shit straight. Just because you suck at call of duty doesnt mean you gotta bash it in everyones face like a child. Grow the fuck up

          • crom

            I dont suck new CoDs.. I just hate those shit games BO2->
            And kids ruin this series bcos they buying those shit games. Ou, my mistake.. this series is already ruined

      • Ariana

        I’ll stick to Battlefield, thank you very much.

        • Tanner

          To bad battlefield is trying to make a hybrid of GTA cod and battlefield

        • UConn501

          I’ll stick to Counter-Strike, thank you very much.

      • tityboi

        BO2 was the best cod since MW2 you virgin. Ghosts and AW are awful

        • crom

          Kid.. BO2 is fucking terrible. BO1 is even better. BO2 gameplay feels so awful.. terrible graphic.. terrible guns and maps..

          • Jay8

            Damn kids, buying those video games!… I agree on which games in the CoD series are poor, but really that’s the developer’s fault for making crap games, rather than the people who buy crap games. The last good CoD was MW2, MW1 was good, and WoW was great. Those three games were abit of a pinnacle, and it’s been a slide since, inc AW, although that was an improvement on Ghosts.

        • crom

          Virgin kid.. even Ghost is better than BO2.. I hate still both.. last CoD who got my money was MW3.. great memories

          • Marcus

            Yep, I find that all the new cods (we’ve cotton to plural now?) Are all mostly bad. The ones I like are Cod 4, WaW, Cod 1, and Mw2

        • crom

          CoD4 and WaW is better than MW2.. MW2 and MW3 is better than BO1.. BO1 is better than BO2…

  • Derick

    bo3 will be badass

  • zack

    i just hope they do everyone a favor and release this game early so we can have something to play, because ghosts and advanced warfare are terrible and noone plays it anymore.

    • Cindi Venable

      Yeah ….ghosts and aw suck donkey ballz for real!

      • crom

        BO2 too, thats why I afraid that BO3 is shit too

    • Salvador Carpenter

      Lmao actually get a ps4 there are literally half a million people on it

  • crom

    FUCK. BO2 is shit and If BO3 is futurictic shit game I dont buy it.I playing only WaW, playing it last 2 years.. BO2, Ghost and AW is so fucking bullshit. BO3 WW2 theme is cool, but I afraid that not possible.

    • dale

      Your forgetting the original black ops bro….fucking epic (nuketown,most popular c.o.d map ever) . And BO2 really wasn’t bad either. I liked it

    • Big Time Venom

      Why don’t you like bo2? Is it gameplay or story?

  • dale

    I only buy the games made by treyarch……black ops 1 completely won me over ….. Nothing c.o.d. wise could make me happier than another black ops. Treyarch games are fuuqqing badazzz

    • crom

      BO1 is ok.. I just hate those graphics, guns.. sniping was shit.. some maps are shit, shit killstreaks, and terrible lag. Ok game still, but BO2 was so worst that if BO3 is scifi shit like BO2 I dont buy it.

      • dale

        I can agree with you there bro…I’m not a big fan of the futuristic shit…I like modern day or past settings just like you…that said I really think treyarch is making the best of the c.o.d games…but hey that’s just my opinion lol

  • Big Time Venom

    If we do get bo3, i wonder wether or not it will continue the black ops storyline (which will be hard do multiple endings, so one must be made cannon), or continuing on from world at war. So we may get another future game, or we may get a new world war 2 game, very exciting. Also i wonder if they would continue the zombies storyline, or if they create a new story, as bo2 zombies rounded out the story, so we could get a new zombies story from the alternate timeline created in origins, zombie stories that take place in the old reality, or a whole new zombies to start from scratch. Just awesome

  • Geidi Prime

    It doesn’t matter what they do. Ol’ baldy will mess it up somehow


    AW was trash , I hate everything bout it , BO3 would be dope aF tho

  • derek003

    I will like if he would make black ops 3 for this year call of duty

  • Matthew Messerly

    Go back to real soldiers and not gay robots and you just might get my money this time.

  • Bruce

    Get rid of the futuristic bling and go back to basics with real world
    weapons. The last CoD’s I liked were the Modern Warfare and Black Ops
    series. As for Advanced Warfare…I would rather play Lego Indiana
    Jones. Yes, I own both games.

  • freddy potter

    Black ops 2 was awesome. Been waiting for 3 for some time now hope it lives up to the previous game

  • zach

    Mw2 …waw ops three to stick with in the format of building blocks i dont know how all this high tech shit got sooo popular but the more realistic the game the better in my opinion

  • Jaspreet Parmar

    AW is one of the best COD out there of not THE best!!!!! I haven’t played much COD since MW2 because lack of interest in every game that came out after till now. There’s no dispute just look at the PSN and Xbox users, more than ever before, AW is breaking records worldwide. So there really is no argument just personal prefrennce. And Cron u r probably one of the noobs I shit on that’s y u hate it so much.

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