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MLB 15 – Road to the Show Pitcher: Double-A Debut!

MLB 15 Pitcher RTTS - Marshall King - EP2

MLB 15 The Show

MLB 15 – Road to the Show Pitcher: Double-A Debut!

In episode 2 of Marshall King’s MLB 15 pitcher Road to the Show career, he has his double-A debut. As a starting pitcher, it’s incredibly important that Marshall has a great first start to show the Minnesota Twins organization that he has what it takes to get to the MLB clubhouse.

As a power pitcher, how will Marshall King do in his very first start? Will he flash brilliance? Or will he show that he simply only has the talent to be a bullpen pitcher? Find out how Marshall King performs in his double-A pitching debut!

Regardless of the sport, you'll find Douglas on Xbox Live at least giving it a shot. He's a Madden & NHL junkie, but he's always down for a challenge on a sports game. You can follow him on Twitter!

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