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10 Things You’ll LOVE About Black Ops 3


Black Ops 3

10 Things You’ll LOVE About Black Ops 3

It’s almost time to get your hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The game is packing a ton of content from Zombies, Nuketown 2065, multiplayer & even more. Check out this countdown for 10 things you’ll love about Black Ops 3 leading up to its release!

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  • Clamp

    These are 10 thing that we can like, bu not to love…except zombies. They always a welcome guest. I dont think that Freerun mode will be fun, it can be something wanna-be-mirrors-edge feature, but nothing more. Paint shop – players want shoot or playing in “paint”?:) Neverthless if someone have artistic soul then why not to try make somthing original, but from what was shawn only veiw parts can be painted. Summary: nothing special to me. Other options like zombie mode and Nightmares can be fun, but players will see that is just a trick to sit and play whole again. Starting form the very last level/mission:) I think, that Teryarch want to change somthing in CoD series, but it cant be big changes, becous this will be ot that same CoD. CI Games for example wasnt affraid of changes in the series and they rebuild whole game concept and from corridored game Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 became a open world game with non-linear wyas of dealing with tasks. So i’m curious about this game and wait for reviews of CoD.

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