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Review System & Ethics

Here at, we’ve decided against using a traditional number or letter rating/grading scale in favor of assigning one of three evaluations based on the game at the time of review.  One of these evaluations will be at the bottom of the review along with a summary of our take on the game:

  • “Buy”

Games that receive a “Buy” recommendation are games that deliver a quality experience out of the box at launch, well worth the investment of full day one MSRP according to our reviewer’s evaluation.

  • “Wait”

Games that receive a “Wait” recommendation are worth a purchase, but not at the initial launch MSRP for any number of reasons.  These games would be a better value rented, or purchased used or after a price drop to match the quality of the product.

  • “Avoid”

Games that receive an “Avoid” recommendation have significant issues which make the title difficult to recommend to a consumer.  Significant post-release support and improvement would be necessary before the title is judged worth adding to a game library.


Ethics Statement

Reviews will be assigned to staff members who have demonstrated experience and expertise regarding the game franchise in question and can be reasonably expected to provide a reliable evaluation of the title’s quality without bias or favoritism.

Any staff member that is assigned to review a title after they participated in a event held by a developer or publisher will include full disclosure in their review. These events may include that a staff member had transportation or other travel/lodging costs covered by a developer or publisher to see the title in a pre-release environment, or had direct access to members of the game’s development team for feedback purposes prior to release.

If the review of a game is written based on review code or a retail copy of a game provided for free from the developer or publisher, full disclosure will be noted in the text of the review article.

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