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NBA 2K16 MyTeam: Oubre SHINES in the Clutch!

NBA 2K16 MyTeam - Episode 1

In NBA 2K16’s MyTeam, I open my starter packs and pre-order bonuses and take on my first opponent in Road to the Playoffs. Kelly Oubre SHINES in the very first game though, ultimately frustrating my opponent. NBA 2K16’s MyTeam mode allows you to collect cards of your favorite players, and ...

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NBA 2K16 My Career Gameplay: Kendall’s First NBA Game!

NBA 2K16 My Career - Kendall King

In NBA 2K16, Kendall finally completes his journey from high school and college to the NBA to play for the Miami Heat. Can Kendall actually contribute in his first few games? Or will he be regulated to the bench? NBA 2K16’s My Career will follow Kendall King, a SG from ...

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Madden 16 S2 Career Mode: GREATEST Debut of ALL-TIME?!


In Madden 16’s career mode, Isaiah King has his debut with the Carolina Panthers and it’s a HUGE game. Does Isaiah King have the most memorable debut of any player on a new team of all-time?! Follow Isaiah King’s journey through the NFL as he looks to become the greatest ...

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NBA 2K16: How to Eurostep & Other Advanced Moves

NBA 2K16 Eurostep & Advanced Moves

In NBA 2K16, the control scheme is pretty advanced. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to eurostep, throw alley-oops to yourself, shoot floaters & even more in NBA 2K16. Have a tutorial or tip you want me to create for NBA 2K16? Make sure to leave me a comment ...

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