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Madden 16 S5 Career Mode: FREE AGENCY Decision!


It’s time for Isaiah to decide where he’ll play in his fifth season. Will he stay in Carolina? Or will he land his plane in a new location? Find out where Isaiah’s career takes place in Madden 16! More Madden 16 Career Mode: Playlists: ● Madden 16 RB Career …

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10 Things You’ll LOVE About Black Ops 3


It’s almost time to get your hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The game is packing a ton of content from Zombies, Nuketown 2065, multiplayer & even more. Check out this countdown for 10 things you’ll love about Black Ops 3 leading up to its release! Enjoyed the …

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Madden NFL 16: How to Create Ezekiel Elliott

Madden 16 - Ezekiel Elliott

Learn how to create Ezekiel Elliott from the Ohio State University in Madden NFL 16! Find out Ezekiel’s ratings, equipment, and player info to use in Madden. If Ezekiel Elliott declares for the 2016 NFL Draft, he’ll likely be one of the top running backs taken. He possesses great vision, …

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NBA 2K16 My Career: FREE AGENCY Choices

NBA 2K16 My Career - Episode 7

In NBA 2K16’s My Career mode, Kendall King finishes his rookie season & enters free agency. Help choose where Kendall will end up for his second season. Will he stay with the Miami Heat? Or will he find himself in a new area code? What team do you think Kendall …

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